What past coaching clients are saying about Carrie Hoffman:


The first great decision we made as a couple:

“We were referred to Carrie originally by a friend. At first, like many things in our relationship at the time, we did not see eye to eye in the necessity of couples counseling. However, making the decision to start seeing Carrie turned out to be the first great decision we made as A COUPLE.
Before seeing Carrie there was a lot of arguing, communication breakdowns, unnecessary misunderstandings, internalizing, non-assertive behavior and not enough love/respect. Through the initial meetings Carrie did a fantastic job of easing into our relationship, creating a comforting and safe environment. We started out by addressing common relationship issues such as basic communication, active listening, time management and general respect for each other.
When we were ready, Carrie led us though more difficult and personal issues like trust, intimacy, family and faith. Depending on the topic, sessions could be anywhere from fun and enlightening to tough and emotionally draining. Each session turned out to be exactly what we needed to move forward in our relationship and left us with a feeling of accomplishment. We know now that no relationship is ever perfect or easy but Carrie has given us the tools to work together on a successful and loving relationship.”


One of the best things we’ve ever done:

“Several years into our marriage and three children later, we had come to a very difficult place. We were in a rut and were just coasting through, not really enjoying our life together anymore. We had finally come to a place where we decided something needed to change.
The most important thing we learned through coaching was how to effectively communicate. While our lives are still very busy, we’ve learned how to be a stronger team together. We make it a priority to spend quality time together, effectively love each other (through love languages) and communicate through the rough times.
Coaching has been one of the best things we’ve ever done for our marriage. Even after we completed the marriage coaching program, we’ve decided to continue meeting with Carrie. We’d encourage this program for all marriages. It’s been such a blessing to our lives!”
– Kim


We’re in love again:

“Before we did Relationship Coaching with Carrie, my husband and I were on the verge of separating. We forgot how to communicate with one another. Deep down, our struggles started with finances and went downhill from there.
During the coaching, we learned that both of us shared the same struggles but had different ways to cope. We both agreed that in order to stay together, we’d have to first understand each other’s personalities and listen to each other’s needs. Sharing our thoughts & feelings “out loud” to each other made a huge positive impact on our relationship. Every week, Carrie gave us homework and activities to do together that encouraged us to talk, compliment and soothe each other.
Since the coaching, we’ve noticed how much we really do love each other. It’s comforting to know that my husband & I don’t ignore or verbally attack one another as we confront our topic of struggles, anymore. Our struggles still exist but rather than facing it alone, we do it together as a team! Thank you so much Carrie!”
– Ellen


It feels like a completely different relationship:

"A lot of our couple friends have asked us what has changed or why we are so happy now and we always slip them your card. We still have our ups and downs but whenever there is an issue, we just go back to using our tools. It feels like a completely different relationship and it is so great to feel so secure and peaceful all the time. We are really looking forward to just enjoying 2014!"
– Andi


Our marriage has never been stronger:

"Our marriage has never been stronger and I am so blessed, lucky and happy to be married to my husband! We cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful Life Coach and for being so loyal, honest and a great listener when we needed it most. We really see the benefits and appreciate you so much!"


A phone-based approach proved to be very effective for an especially busy couple:

"My wife and I worked with Carrie by phone for about a dozen sessions and really got a lot out of the experience. Our goal was to take more proactive steps to improve communication in our marriage and to learn new ways to balance our inherent personality differences. But given our work schedules, it was doubtful we’d find the time away from work and children to be able to hold the sessions in person.
But switching to an all phone-based approach was quite effective. While there are certain advantages to being in the same room together, we actually were able to get a lot of work done and reach our goals through the phone-based approach. In fact, I found it to be more productive, given we could get right down to business and address the issues we were working on, without as much time away from our daily routines.
Overall, working with Carrie was productive, very helpful and more than worthwhile. She always was very prepared and supportive, an active listener as well as a provider of trustworthy insight. The time and effort we spent was worth it! By the end of the process, my wife and I felt like we had a much deeper understanding of our different temperaments and how to bridge our communication style gaps. Our hearts were softened as we learned to extend more grace to each other. I would certainly recommend Carrie to other married couples looking to improve their communication and become a better husband and wife!"


Coaching gave us both a deeper understanding of one another:

"We both learned so much about ourselves, about marriage, about love and about our lives. It was so refreshing to know that we were not the only ones to experience struggles, and it was so encouraging having Carrie as an outside support system. Rather than constantly trying to pull each other to our own backgrounds and how we did things growing up – she really helped us stretch and talk about things in a safe environment and a way that we feel confident moving forward.
I love that coaching gave us both a deeper understanding of one another. We felt so comfortable with Carrie right from the start and it was nice to have another person listen to both sides of our thinking and struggles and help us build the bridge together called compromise in a loving and healthy way!
We grew so much and our marriage continues to get stronger!"
– Chris and Jenn


Making our relationship a priority once again:

“Carrie entered our lives at a time of great difficulty in our marriage. Our two wonderful children had consumed so much of our energy in their early years and we were struggling with making our relationship a priority once again. We had tried on our own but things were just not working. We spent time with Carrie for several months of weekly counseling and it proved to tie the link which allowed our marriage to once again flourish. What a blessing it has been for her to have entered our lives!”


We’ve noticed a difference in our son:

“We are making an effort to focus on positive behaviors, and while we don’t ignore the bad behaviors, we are not focusing on them. We’ve noticed a real difference, already, in how our son is responding to disappointment. He’s talking more and internalizing less. I believe this is because we are trying to boost his self-esteem (by rewarding him when he completes his chores, etc.) and by telling him every day that we love him and believe in him.”
– Suzanne


We have a great foundation to start our marriage with:

“Working with Carrie Hoffman for our premarital counseling was a terrific experience. My then fiance and I found Carrie to be extremely personable and easy to talk to. She made us feel welcome and comfortable. We had no problem opening up in our sessions. The material Carrie uses encompasses a wide variety of issues that married couples deal with and we were able to customize our sessions to address the topics and issues that we felt were important to our relationship. Carrie is patient, kind and understanding – listening in a nonjudgmental way and giving great advice.
Thanks to our sessions with Carrie, we have a great foundation to start our marriage with and know how to address issues that may arise in the future!
Thanks Carrie!”
– Corrinne and Chris


We have fallen back in love:

“My wife and I have been married for over 11 years, and we have both been dedicated to working though our communication problems. Unfortunately, we were starting to lose the battle.
We decided to get external help and started working with Carrie every other Thursday for just an hour at a time. We have finished the course and we have fallen back in love, equal in strength and passion as the day we first met. Carrie helped us find that deep love and connection again, not through empty emotion, but through understanding and clarity.
Carrie provided a very well organized, unbiased approach that did not target faults, but provided understanding of each other. Armed with God and the desire to make our marriage work, our new understanding allowed us to rediscover the love that was always there.”
– Andrew


A husband’s perspective…

“Carrie Hoffman’s coaching is giving my wife and I something I don’t think we ever had and that is “good communication” skills. This is just what our marriage needed, during the hard times we have been facing. This will ultimately strengthen our marriage, because we are becoming better listeners and we are learning to express ourselves to each other better. It is teaching us things about each other that we never knew, and we have been married for 8 years and have known each other for 10 years.
I encourage all marriages to go through Carrie’s coaching regardless of whether the marriage is good or bad.
I am so happy we took the steps to enroll in Carrie’s coaching. This is one of the best things we have ever done!!!”
– Jerome


Reconnecting on a deeper level:

“Carrie’s life coaching was a great asset in strengthening our marriage by enhancing communication and learning about ourselves and each other again to reconnect on a deeper level. Often, she bridged the gap of things we needed to work on and also complimented our strengths we already had to build a stronger marriage. She reinforced the importance of making time as a couple when we often get lost in the chaos of raising two preschoolers.
We would highly recommend Carrie to others that are looking for ways to improve your relationship with your spouse by looking at our past, present and future visions to build a strong marriage for a lifetime.”
– Kathy


No longer avoiding conflict:

“Before we did Relationship Coaching with Carrie, my husband and I were struggling to find the balance between our kids, work and each other. We were not communicating our feelings to one another and worked very hard to avoid conflict!
During the coaching, we learned how to communicate with one another and how conflicts are healthy and can actually bring you closer if you take the time to listen to one another.
Since the coaching, we’ve noticed that we can have a disagreement and no one gets their feelings hurt, and we can actually see the other one’s side because we are LISTENING. I have also learned that my husband needs to be the priority over our children and business, and if we are happy, everything else will fall into place.
We would recommend relationship coaching with Carrie because she really helps you gain insight into one another. She has you practice the strategies she teaches, and really encourages healthy communication. We are now so much closer and understanding because of her help and guidance!”
– Patty


A husband’s point of view…

“Carrie was terrific. She really helped our relationship by showing us better ways to communicate more effectively with each other. The sessions also help me to think more about my relationship with my wife and family. So many positives have come from our sessions with Carrie. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone or any couple that needs a little tweaking in their marriage.”
– Michael


We’ve transformed our marriage…

“We decided to start this program when finances were more than just tight and when I was fed up with arguing about the same things every week and not finding any solutions. This last year we have been through a lot of difficult trials. My husband lost his job; we had our first child; and we moved to a different state. I felt with all this change in our marriage and the adjustment alone of having a child that we needed some outside help.
I’m so glad that my husband was willing to do this program because it has truly changed our marriage. Yes, we still have all these issues that I stated above, but we now have the tools we need to work through these issues.
The program has really helped our marriage become stronger. My husband and I are more connected to each other and have the tools we need to face anything life throws at us. We learned so much about each other through this program, like how our personalities affect our communication, how our past family experiences affect how we respond to our own family now, and how we both value money differently and the effect that has on our finances.
I think the best thing we learned through taking the assessment was where our strengths and weaknesses are in our marriage. For us, we had a huge strength in our spirituality. And now we know we can rely on our spirituality when we are in a difficult place. It was so helpful to be able to praise ourselves for our strengths while working on our weaknesses. We also were able to practice healthy habits of actively listening and the ten steps for resolving conflict.
These things have truly transformed our marriage. Now instead of arguing in circles we actually communicate effectively and find solutions to problems that affect our marriage. This saves us so much time and aggravation. I feel that this program has equipped us with everything we need in order to have a healthy, successful marriage for years to come. It is really comforting to know that we can do anything as long as we work together as a team.
I would highly recommend that anyone in a serious, committed relationship should do this program and especially if you are adjusting to some change in your marriage. The benefits are worth far more than the cost of the program and Carrie is great at listening, encouraging, and coaching!
Carrie made it so easy to talk about difficult topics in our marriage and was so comfortable to be around. Carrie often had great solutions and advice for the many problems we were facing. She truly has a passion for this program and helping couples reach their full potential. We have been truly blessed by Carrie and pray that God will continue to bless her as she works to help other couples like us! Thank you, Carrie, so much for truly caring about us and our marriage!”
– Toni


Excellent counsel:

“We are so grateful for all that you have done to help us, for being so objective, organized and providing great resources/techniques with excellent counsel.”
– G.


We were on a plateau…

“My husband and I have been married for over 10 years. Last year we moved to another state. He started working from home. It was a huge transition for us. We did not know anyone and I missed the close circle of friends I left. My husband and I found ourselves fighting all the time. Our arguments went nowhere. We were both getting frustrated, but did not know how to get out of this circle of anger and resentment. We were not connected and that scared me.
That is when I met Carrie. She was speaking at a Mothers of Preschoolers meeting. I was inspired by what she said and knew that my husband and I needed to take the Relationship Coaching program she was offering.
Carrie helped us focus on the positive strengths in our marriage and within ourselves. There was no blaming; only listening and understanding. Carrie created a comfortable atmosphere for us to talk freely with her and with each other, something our marriage has been missing for a while. Each lesson was extremely helpful. My husband and I slowly started to reconnect. We started to pay more attention to our marriage and enjoy each other’s company again.
We were stuck. Stuck in the stereotypical “middle marriage boredom, life after babies, know each other way too well” plateau. Working with Carrie got us moving again. We are no longer stuck and we are both happier and healthier for it.”
– Tanya


What audiences have to say about Carrie Hoffman’s public speaking:

  • “Carrie Hoffman is possibly the best speaker I have heard at MOPS in the 2 years I’ve been here.”
  • “I woke up angry with my husband this morning. I could not shake it all morning – this is exactly what I needed.”
  • “This talk was extremely helpful. My husband and I are trying to reconnect after having our first child – perfect timing.”
  • “We have had a lot of great feedback from the moms in our group. All of them have been good, some even stating that you are the best speaker they have heard at MOPS! There is still much talk about the temperament of their children during our table discussion time. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us.”
  • “Your talk was perfect and hit home with so many of our mommmies. Emails have been flying around talking about how excited people are to use what they learned and to read their new books.”
  • “Wonderful speaker – engaging and informative.”
  • “This talk made me think more about the positives with my husband.
  • “I was reminded of what I love about my husband during a very stressful time. I now know that I need to focus on the good things in my marriage. I’m going to share with my husband and start discussing our relationship more.”
  • “Carrie helped us focus on HOPE and the ability to change – no matter what the circumstances.”
  • “Very good, some of the best discussion and questions that we’ve had so far. Great examples, great tips that everyone can use. This is the reason we come to MOPS.”
  • “Your topic really hit home. What you said about really listening with intention was something we all needed to be reminded of.”
  • “I really loved when you came to speak to MOPS—my favorite of the year so far!”
  • “Thank you so much for coming to talk to our MOPS group. It was great and I would highly recommend you to other groups. Thank you for bringing this vaulable information to us!”
  • “Our group loved Carrie. They thought all of the information was relevant, the presentation was the perfect length, the interactions with a partner were good, and the table group discussion questions actually brought most of the moms closer because they opened up so much.” (from a MOPS Coordinator)