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Speaker Bio: Carrie Hoffman

The child-raising years can be some of the most demanding on a relationship, and yet there is great opportunity for love, passion and depth during these years. Couples need support, encouragement, and tools they can use as they strive to have healthy family relationships.
Carrie Hoffman offers your participants informative and inspiring presentations on some of the biggest obstacles facing young families, like communication and conflict resolution within marriage, and how to keep a loving relationship alive through it all. She brings a refreshing perspective, practical tips, and time-tested methods for handling these important parts of marriage and family life, all delivered with a touch of humor and a hopeful outlook.
Carrie is also trained to teach and coach on temperament, our inner wiring that impacts every aspect of our lives; how we operate as a spouse, a parent, and all of the other roles we have in our lives. As a professionally trained Life Coach, Carrie’s passion is impacting families by helping parents build a loving, healthy home for themselves and their children.
Carrie has been married to her husband Tom since August of 1995, and together they are raising their two school-aged boys.


Here are some examples of the positive feedback we’ve received from Carrie’s speaking engagements:

  • “I love Carrie Hoffman – she is such an engaging speaker and always leaves me with something to take home and apply!”
  • “Carrie Hoffman is possibly the best speaker I have heard at MOPS in the 2 years I’ve been here.”
  • “Carrie Hoffman’s talk on personality types has already been such a huge help in understanding and correcting my son.”
  • “I woke up angry with my husband this morning. I could not shake it all morning – this is exactly what I needed.”
  • “This talk was extremely helpful. My husband and I are trying to reconnect after having our first child – perfect timing.”
  • “We have had a lot of great feedback from the moms in our group. All of them have been good, some even stating that you are the best speaker they have heard at MOPS! There is still much talk about the temperament of their children during our table discussion time. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us.”
  • “Your talk was perfect and hit home with so many of our mommmies. Emails have been flying around talking about how excited people are to use what they learned and to read their new books.”
  • “Carrie’s talk was so interesting. Even if I haven’t figured my kids out yet, she had a lot of good general tips and I’ve changed my thinking on how to work with my kids based on who they are. Great information!”
  • “Carrie Hoffman’s talk was so relevant to what I needed right now.”
  • “Carrie’s Child Temperament presentation was my favorite because it’s such an interesting topic and relevant to mothering.”
  • “This talk made me think more about the positives with my husband.
  • “I was reminded of what I love about my husband during a very stressful time. I now know that I need to focus on the good things in my marriage. I’m going to share with my husband and start discussing our relationship more.”
  • “Carrie helped us focus on HOPE and the ability to change – no matter what the circumstances.”
  • “Very good, some of the best discussion and questions that we’ve had so far. Great examples, great tips that everyone can use. This is the reason we come to MOPS.”
  • “Your topic really hit home. What you said about really listening with intention was something we all needed to be reminded of.”
  • “I really loved when you came to speak to MOPS—my favorite of the year so far!”
  • “Carrie Hoffman’s talk was very valuable for relationships.”
  • “Much needed at just the right moment!”
  • “I loved hearing her speak last year and enjoyed it again this year.”
  • “Wonderful speaker – engaging and informative.”
  • “Always enjoy her!”
  • “Thank you so much for coming to talk to our MOPS group. It was great and I would highly recommend you to other groups. Thank you for bringing this vaulable information to us!”
  • “Our group loved Carrie. They thought all of the information was relevant, the presentation was the perfect length, the interactions with a partner were good, and the table group discussion questions actually brought most of the moms closer because they opened up so much.” (from a MOPS Coordinator)


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